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Tom Settle provides 5 tracks that follow where he left off from his incredible album on Winebox Press. On this release he uses an array of instruments that create a sense of lovely, woozy ambiance that shift and move around the song structures like smoke and let the core instrument, usually a guitar, run wild. But it's not all free jams that we've got here, oh no, Tom knows his hooks. He's got more hooks than Captain Hook smoking a hookah pipe in a Hook shop in Hook Norton, Banbury. Tom also plays in the amazing Serfs, Former Bullies, Beach Fuzz and Dinner Party. You can buy his other, wonderful releases from comfortableonatightrope.blogspot.com for the Former Bullies/waiters split 7", thewholevoyald.blogspot.com for the amazing hand built Winebox releases and also rayonrecs.blogspot.com for the Mexican Divorce split cassette with Jon Collin. Everything Tom is apart of is solid gold and we're chuffed to be apart of it.
Zweiters are the trio of Dan Bridgwood Hill (guitar) Edwin Stevens (guitar) and Pascal Nichols (Drums/Percussion). This is a live recording of the first time all three played together at a gig in Manchester. Recorded by the wonderful Darren Adcock onto a Zoom.
" ...Sitting somewhere between the pizzicato piss-take of Sun City Girls and the No Wave inspired wall of grease excreted on the early Magik Markers records, Zweiters purge their sins via brutalised axe maiming and free-ecstatic cascades of drums." - Golden Lab
Amazing risographed art by dull-land.co.uk


released October 5, 2011



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GIANT HELL Llanfairfechan, UK

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